Feb 252013

UCOS Battle League

With only 6 rounds left of UCOS Battle League, it seems that Untitel from UCOS Brotherhood goes and takes this year’s title as the winner of our own league. He has the whole 195 points down to second place, currently occupied by UCOS I Falcon. The battle for the remaining seats is well under way and it is a very close race.

Top 3 on the leaderboard right now:
(685 points) – Untitel
(490 points) – UCOS I Falcon
(480 points) – UCOS I Zeet

See the full leaderboard: ( Press here ).

It will be a hell of a final and there will be a surprise at the end of the League. But what’s going to happen there will not be revealed yet.

Next update will be when we reach the final.

/ UCOS I Eagle

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