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Codemasters har igen valgt at udskyde Operation Flashpoint 2 og der bliver nu sat spørgsmålstegn ved, om spillet i det hele taget kommer i butikkerne i 2009. Skulle miraklet ske og spillet ender på hylderne i slutningen af efteråret, ville det komme i en større konflikt med et andet spil der dukker op på det tidspunkt. Call Of Duty6: Modern Warfare 2. Selv om spillene ligger side om side hvad temaet angår, er der meget stor forskel på dem. Operation Flashpoint 2 lægger vægt på extreme realisme, hvor COD6 mere kører arkade stilen inden for nutid krigsførelse. Det bliver et hårdt slag og Infinity Ward har de bedste kort på hånden, men de er samtidig meget interesseret i deres konkurrents produkt. 

Sion Lenton,
Executive Producer of Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising.


First of all, Kudos to the Dev Team for a lot of hard work putting this build together, the reaction from the show floor was consistently positive and the queues were long.

I guess its one thing to play a game and be immersed in it and another thing to watch a recording off the screen of some “dumb COD player” (that would be me thank you very much!) playing this level for the benefit of the many press who came to see it.

Please remember we are now in an intense period of balancing and polish.

  • As you all correctly surmised this is a modified version of the intro/tutorial level running on XB360. The thinking behind this was to make something users could pick up and play, we generally had only 10 minutes to demo the game and so needed something more compact. It is not representative of the main campaign missions which are much longer and more atmospheric/tense/dramatically paced
  • This mission also has a number of secondary objectives which (if they choose to) the player can attempt, you hear them called out at the beginning
  • The demo is absolutely definitely on Assisted (Easy) mode
  • We were next to the Lego Rock band stall, nuff said! After day 2 it did begin to grate a little, however by day 3 we’d lost our marbles and were happily dancing and singing along
  • These videos do not do our game justice; they are filmed from cameras pointed at a wall-mounted screen, positioned above the screen we were playing on, so the angle wasn;t great. Our game looks beautiful!
  • The ‘Russian’ fireteam leader is supposed to be Hispanic! I don’t like his voice either, we are re-recording him!
  • Artillery will make a noise as it falls thru the air (if you’re close enough)
  • Alex Vestin’s estimates to run the island do not take into account recovery times from sprinting
  • Sprinting and jogging animations have been addressed; focal point is now more static whilst still retaining the ‘handheld’ impact of footfalls


  • We are still optimising particle effects, smoke grenades and smoke mortars already last much longer (minutes instead of seconds) this would have been easily observed if I had set one off
  • Time of day/lighting/colouration/balancing etc. Call it what you will is under constant review
  • Reload animations; not final speed
  • I enjoy the occasional banana, but I’m more of an apple man
  • Darth Eclipse, I recall meeting your dad, he must have been the guy who ‘Had to play this game and report back’
  • Artillery times were faster for the demo
  • Bottom right of the map = Time of Day
  • Everyone has exploding red barrels, and I mean ‘everyone’. (I checked )
  • Last comment on the barrels, they are not one shot explosions, often in the demo I would need to fire a couple of bursts to get it to explode
  • There is definitely distanced based sound delay, im surprised you didn’t notice it! (must have been the Jackson 5)
  • Weapon sway is in, but wasn’t in E3 build
  • The build did not lag, I refer you the filming methods
  • The guns sound like the real thing, I’ve compared both, trust me. The sound in OF: DR is fantastic, youtube does not do our awesome audio dept justice. The recent sound team updates give you a glimpse at the amazing work they are doing on the game
  • Muzzle flash differs for every weapon
  • The command radial is 3 layers deep, you only see a fraction of it in the video and it is context sensitive
  • If you want to know what hardcore really looks like, look out for an upcoming video dedicated to the hardcore mode
  • The USMC turned up and enjoyed seeing the game in action and so did the Army (obviously they thought they should have their own game as well )
  • My personal highlight of E3? Watching half a dozen infinity ward devs queuing to play OF: DR

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