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May 112015

UCOS Community switching callsign. UCOS Community has now changed its name to UCOS Gaming. We are currently working on a new website. We expect to be finished in early 2016th UCOS Gaming also change platform from Xbox 360 to Xbox One. It’s going to happen simultaneously with the launch of the website. – UCOS I [Press here and read more]

Feb 252013
UCOS Battle League - News

With only 6 rounds left of UCOS Battle League, it seems that Untitel from UCOS Brotherhood goes and takes this year’s title as the winner of our own league. He has the whole 195 points down to second place, currently occupied by UCOS I Falcon. The battle for the remaining seats is well under way [Press here and read more]

Aug 202012
UCOS is now under construction. Final update before Black Ops 2.

Final Update! We have started with the last major update before Black Ops 2 will be released. There may be some loading problems on the website until we hit September 24. For those who are a little more curious about what’s going to happen, we can tell so much: Since the last news of UCOS [Press here and read more]

Apr 292012
UCOS Copenhagen Tour - April 2012

UCOS Green Berets & Veterans hits Copenhagen After a few games in Modern Warfare 3 on the Xbox a late evening, a few of us decided to take a trip to Copenhagen. This was the weekend where the premiere of The Avengers 3D hit Imperial. It was a movie we naturally had to go and [Press here and read more]