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Feb 232009
Dad Lets Son Play Call of Duty IF He Promises Not to Violate Geneva Conventions

A parent’s concern over his 13-year-old son’s request to play Call of Duty led to an agreement that the boy read – and play by – the rules of the Geneva Conventions. The dad, writer Hugh Spencer, recounts the episode for  boingboing: [My son Evan’s] latest favourite game is Call of Duty – which he [Press here and read more]

Feb 122009
COD5 New Maps - Xbox 360

Announced news map for Call of Duty 5 Activision makers of the hit Call of Duty: World at War have announced the first Downloadable Content (DLC) for the hit game, one of the fastest selling games of 2008. The new COD5 content is due for release in March 2009, and will feature three new multiplayer [Press here and read more]

Jan 082009
WoW tager meget af din tid

11 timer om ugen. Så meget tid bruger spillere i gennemsnit på World of Warcraft. Det amerikanske analysefirma Nielsen har opgjort tidsforbruget med de mest populære computerspil i USA. Og det er World of Warcraft (WoW), der kommer ind på en klar førsteplads. Den gennemsnitlige WoW-spiller i USA tilbringer hele 11 timer om ugen i [Press here and read more]

Dec 042008
Call Of Duty: World at War DLC - On The Way

Executive producer Daniel Suarez, told MTV Multiplayer that it plans to publish 2-3 DLC packs during World at War’s lifetime. He also says that it will not be something they traditionally would have done. It will be something unusual DLC. It is also more DLC than we’ve seen the predecessors Call of Duty 4th. The first batch should [Press here and read more]

Nov 282008
COD5: All Death Card Locations On Video

En del af vores brugere har spurgt, hvorfor vi ikke ligger inde med en video over alle Death Card i Call Of Duty 5. Svaret er at vi arbejder hårdt på COD5 I Youtube sektionen, der forventes færdig i starten af næste uge. I mellemtiden kan vi give jer denne video. Possibly Related Posts: Dad Lets Son Play [Press here and read more]

Nov 212008
COD5 | Death Card locations

The Death Cards can be found at the following locations. Collect a Death Card to unlock its effect in Co-op mode. Thunder Mission: Semper Fi (Eight of Hearts) Effect: Headshots cause enemies to explode Location: At the very beginning after leaving the shack, you will see another shack to the right. The card is inside. [Press here and read more]