UCOS I Eagle

May 112015

UCOS Community switching callsign. UCOS Community has now changed its name to UCOS Gaming. We are currently working on a new website. We expect to be finished in early 2016th UCOS Gaming also change platform from Xbox 360 to Xbox One. It’s going to happen simultaneously with the launch of the website. – UCOS I [Press here and read more]

Mar 112012
New UCOS Game Mode - Infected: Terminator Edition

New Game Mode, the old one is history… The war against the machines have taken a new turn. An advanced terminator which can duplicate itself has just left the assembly line. It is now up to the few people who can still fight to stop this machine and get power back to the humans. How [Press here and read more]

Jan 142009
UCOS: We apologize for this mess!

Eagle Concept – I apologize for the disturbances which have emerged recently. I will now try to explain why. Several projects were not completed on time. It has given us a pressure and a deadline that could not be met. We currently have 6 projects running, only one of them will be completed this month: UCOS Entertainment – [Press here and read more]