Modern Warfare 2 Camouflage

These are the Camouflages you can attach yours weapons, but only Primay weapons can use camouflage:

None – Standard Finish – Default

Desert – Default Unlocked

Arctic – Default Unlocked

Woodland – 5 Headshots to unlock

Digital – 15 Headshots to unlock

Urban – 30 Headshots to unlock

Blue Tiger – 75 Headshots to unlock

Red Tiger – 150 Headshots to unlock

Fall – 250 Headshots to unlock

Ghillie Suits

When sniping you always wear some type of ghillie suit.

Once you unlock basic training challenges you get a special challenge, that allows you to unlock more ghillie suits.

You need one-shot kills with sniper rifles.

You unlock arctic (50 Kills), urban (100 Kills), and desert (200 kills) suits that gives you the right ghillie suit depending on the map.

There are two differnt Ghillie Suits. It depends on which team you’re on. One looks like the old full dress ghillie suit and the other looks like there’s grass just on the back.