Modern Warfare 2 Deathstreaks

Death Streaks are the opposite of Killstreaks, they are meant for players who are constantly getting killed.

Once you’ve died enough times, without any kills, your Death Streak will become active.

4 Deaths – Copycat

Allows you to steal your killer’s class. This can give a sneak-peak at the more advanced weapons, attachments and perks, before you’ve unlocked them.

Note: You still need to unlock the everything on your own.

Unlocked at level 4

3 Deaths – Painkiller

After you respawn, this gives you twice the amount health for 10 seconds. This can prevent most one-hit kills.

Unlocked at level 6

4 Deaths – Martyrdom

Drop a live grenade just after dying.

Unlocked at level 27

4 Deaths – Final Stand

Just like the Last Stand perk, but with more improvements. Basically this allows you to survive a normal death. You can crawl around on the ground and use your primary weapon and equipment.

You have a little more health than in Last Stand and if you survive long enough, you can get back up and continue to fight normally. This does not reset your ongoing killstreak.

Unlocked at level 39