Modern Warfare 2 XP

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2’s XP system is a little different than the games before it!

Now on Modern Warfare 2 players can earn XP for many more things!

To check out the information just follow this link right here its tells you everything you need to know!

Here you can see the list of all the known bonuses you can earn during a MP Match in Modern Warfare 2:

  • Base Kill Award – 100 in Team Deathmatch and Sabotage, 500 in Search and Destroy and 50 in other modes.
  • Payback! – Kill an enemy who has killed you previously. +50XP Getting this for a particular opponent will reset it until they kill you again.
  • Buzzkill! – Kill an enemy who is 1 kill short of acquiring a kill streak reward. +100XP
  • Bulls-eye! – Kill an enemy with a throwing knife. +50XP Becomes 0XP at later levels.
  • Flag Runner! – Picked up the flag in a Capture the Flag match. +50XP
  • Stuck! – Stick a Semtex grenade to an enemy. +50XP
  • Rescuer! – Save a wounded teammate +50XP Kill the person attacking him
  • Hijacker! – Steal an enemy care package. +50XP Sometimes +100XP, later becomes 0XP
  • First Blood! – Be the first person to get a kill in a match. +100XP
  • Offense! – Kill a defender. +50XP In an objective game, kill an enemy who is near a point/flag they control.
  • Defense! – Kill an attacker while near a point/flag you control in an objective game. +50XP (Does not matter if done by air support as long as you are near your own flag)
  • Comeback! – Recover from a streak of deaths. +50-100XP More dependant on amount of deaths in death-streak
  • Position Secure! – Take an objective. +150XP
  • Double Kill! – Kill two enemies at once. +50XP
  • Triple Kill! – Kill three enemies at once. +75XP
  • Multi Kill! – Kill four or more enemies at once. +100XP
  • Longshot! – Kill an enemy from a distance. +50XP (Score a kill beyond the minimum damage range of a weapon that isn’t a sniper rifle)
  • Share Package! – A team-mate saved your Care Package from the enemy! Multiples of 50XP depending on the number of kills usually required for the reward. (eg. a UAV will give +150 EXP, as it requires 3 kills to acquire normally)
  • One Shot One Kill – Kill an enemy who has full health with one shot. +50 XP
  • Flag Return – Return the flag. +50XP
  • Headshot – Kill an enemy with a bullet to the head. +50XP +500XP in Search and Destroy, despite saying +50
  • Crowd Control – Make an excellent distraction while a teammate kills the player shooting the shield. +50 for the assist, more for bullet damage absorbed by shield.
  • Afterlife – Kill an enemy while dead. +25XP
  • Assisted Suicide – Injure an enemy before he kills himself. +350XP
  • Execution – Headshot someone who is in Last Stand or Final Stand. +100XP
  • Avenger – Kill an enemy immediately after they have killed a teammate. +50XP
  • Saboteur! – Plant the bomb. +1000 in S&D, +200 in Sabotage and +100 in Demolition.
  • Ninja Defuse – Defuse a bomb while the planter on the opposing team is still alive(On S&D, Sabotage or Demolition). +1000XP – TBC
  • Hero! – Defuse the bomb. +1000 XP if in Search and Destroy, +100 if in Demolition
  • Heroic! – Get a capture point while in last stand. +200 XP