Black Ops Multiplayer Maps


Cracked multiplayer map is located in South Vietnam that has a familiar setting in which its a rundown city with walls and buildings destroyed. It is believed to be the single player equivalent to “Slaughterhouse” level.

There is 2 factions SOG and NVA.


Launch multiplayer map is a close quaters map that features a Soyuz rocket taking off in the background and appears to take place in a rocket launching facility somewhere within the Soviet Union.

At some time during the game (set randomly), the rocket will take off, and set alight and kill anyone located beneath the rockets engines.


Radiation multiplayer map is set in an abandoned power station. The map features a conveyer belt, where if the player does not jump off in time, they will meet a fiery death.

There is also a trap door, like a silo hatch, that can be opened and closed via a switch located some distance away. Anyone that falls into the trap door dies from a fall-death.


Summit multiplayer is a narrow map on the peak of a mountain with severe drops on all sides and features plenty of variety when it comes to buildings and platforms. The interior of one large building in the middle is the most open area on the Summit map, with most of it made up of narrow gaps and pathways.

It is a map with lots of small spaces for the player to hide in and there is a location on the map where players have the opportunity to use a “special” gun.