May 312013
PES 2014: Teaser trailer

   Now there’s finally a trailer for PES 2014, Enjoy.   Possibly Related Posts: Konami Event – Pre-E3 Show Konami: Pre-E3 event – Thursday June 6th PES 2014: Profil pictures PES 2013 – Unlicensed to licensed teams on the console – Editor help PES 2011: March DLC update

May 272013
Call Of Duty: Ghosts - Behind the scenes

Infinity Ward talks about Call Of Duty: Ghosts and explains about the different options in the game. Possibly Related Posts: Call Of Duty: Ghost – All Access Event Call Of Duty: Ghosts – gameplay teaser video COD: Ghosts – Gameplay revealed June 9th Call Of Duty: Ghosts – Technology Call Of Duty – Ghosts: Trailer

May 242013
Xbox One: Interview & Hands On

Learn more about Xbox One. Were you confused after Microsoft’s presentation of Xbox One? We can understand that and therefore we give you the opportunity to get a greater understanding of what it actually is, Microsoft has made​​.   Possibly Related Posts: Microsoft explains more about Xbox One Microsoft Press Conference – Xbox One – [Press here and read more]