UCOS Community


“The hardest battle you’re ever going to fight is the battle to be just you.”

United Concept Of Styphon

Nationality: Denmark

About UCOS Community

Who are we?
We are a 4 year old community. Most people think we are a clan like all other clans on Xbox Live, but they could not be more wrong. Here you can find out how things work in UCOS and when you have finished reading, you will have a completely different understanding of our concept.

We can start with something you can relate to. All members entering UCOS must have COD Elite Premium and everyone must switch to our gamertag. It is important to show loyalty in the community from the start.
We look at a lot of things in the time we recruit the player. Among others, we see whether the person fits into our atmosphere. It is extremely important to prepare the player to work as a community and not a normal clan.
There are certain procedures that make you become a member of UCOS almost immediately. The protocols are kept secret because of the chance of abuse. There are players who do not familiarize themselves with what our concept is. Precisely these players see us as a threat and will try to harm us.

Clan Operation
We are very serious about getting the community at a higher level in COD Elite. So far we’ve got 5 gold badges and only one silver. All players online in Call Of Duty must be ready to fight for the community.

UCOS Game Modes
We have developed some special game mode in Call Of Duty. They are used in our league and tournaments.

UCOS Tournament
All in the community will be invited and special people from other clans will also receive an invite. We have made and are responsible for this tournament. There will be good prizes to win. See more: Press here

UCOS Battle League
This league is the first of its kind on Danish soil. You get to play Call of Duty in a way you’ve never tried before. Bet on your own efforts or bet on your buddy. Begin to collect our special cards and win a place in the Hall Of Fame. We only use UCOS Game Modes in the league, so bring your A game. All members of the community af invited and it will last 2½ months.  There are also great prizes to get here. See more: Press here

Hall Of Fame
The standard reward is 12 month Xbox Live Gold Membership.

Ranking system
We have three areas where rank can be awarded:

  • High Rollers: Bet on the best cards and get to the top for access to Hall of Fame
  • UCOS Battle Division: Win over 16 cards to advance to this level.
  • UCOS Academy: Start area for UCOS Battle League.

Community Level system
It is a very simple system without influence from anyone, and it is controlled entirely by people of Commanders Lounge. Your level can change over time. It all depends on what you’re doing for the community and how much you get involved in our activities. See more: Press here

We have divided the season into 2 parts.
High season – from November to March. We are fighting with arms and legs.
Low Season – April to October. Quiet and steady pace,

In high season you can fight your way to a higher rank.

It is important to keep the comradeship strong, also in real life. We hold a various of small tours around the country. We make sure that there will be a little adventure in the everyday life and not just war in front of the screen. See more: Press here


UCOS Events
This is the largest of the largest UCOS will offer our members. We’re talking big trips to DREAMHACK, E3 and Gamescom. We have our own event bus, clothes, dynamic entrance on arrival, everything needed to make ourselves noticed. See more: Press here

MLG/Clan vs Clan

Playing online – Public
Usually when we are online and relaxing a bit, we play some random game modes. Team Deathmatch and Capture the flag is NOT one of them.

Eagle and Styphon started up the clan in 2008 and quickly got 2 more members. Since then, our website has developed into a database and one of the most advanced clan sites in Denmark. After we have begun the largest expansion in the clan’s history, our number of members are increased to 16.

If you have some questions for us, contact me on eagleconcept@live.dk