Eagle Concept

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The way I think in battle:

Big things happens over time, miracles happens suddenly.

Training is nothing, will is everything.

If you can think it, you can do it. You just need to focus!

The best defence is attack.

Trust your team, but not with your life.

Surprise attack wins most battles.

Show your opponent one thing, then do something else.

The right position and angle, is more effective than firepower.

To get and easy win, you have to take the enemy’s fury.

Tactics is one thing, pride is a hole lot different story.

Aim and shoot!!! Not the other way around.

Kill 2 from one spot, then switch to another.

You most be fearless. You most show your opponent that.

Don’t show your enemy to much respect. They will use that against you.

Take a risk! It might be a clever move… You might win!

When people look down on you, the underdog advances pops up. You are now dangerous as hell and your enemy don’t seem to care.

Trust your ability, your dead otherwise.

If you have an off-day, your skills will be clouded. Respect the facts and play casual.

No one is better than you. They have just read your tactics and playing you like a violin.

Use your mind and create victory.

Track them down, smell the fear, kill them all.

Stay in front, do not for moment think you can relax. Fortify your position, engage unaware target’s only. Hide for “experts”, flank them and destroy them.

Ego is a dangerous thing, hold it under control and redefined your thoughts.

With Respect
Eagle Concept