Lord Styphon Spec


Styphon’s House

The Dragon of Styphon

Styphon’s House is the temple of the god Styphon. The main temple of Styphon’s House is in the city of Balph, located in the Great Kingdom of Hos-Ktemnos.


The Holy Order of the Zarthani Knights is one of the two military arms of Styphon’s House. The Knights defend the Great Kingdoms of Hos-Ktemnos and Hos-Bletha from the barbarians of the Sastragath.
The Knights are similar to the real world’s crusading orders.
The Knights are divided up into Lances, which are then combined into Wedges.

Styphon’s Own Guard

The House of Styphon

Styphon’s Own Guard is the other military branch of Styphon’s House. The soldiers in this military wear red armor and have been known to kill friendly soldiers who try to flee the battlefield.

The Great Kings’ War


The Great Kings’ War is the war between Great King Kalvan and Styphon’s House. The war also involves the pro-Styphon Great Kingdoms of Hos-Harphax and Hos-Ktemnos and the Pro-Kalvan/Anti-Styphon forces of Hos-Rathon and the Urgothi “barbarians” led by Warlord Ranjar Sargos. The war is to some extent a continuation of the Hostigos War of Unification (shown in Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen).

The Book


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