Profile statistics – Explanation

Your Xbox Live Gamertag

How old are you

Where in Denmark do you live

What is your current  UCOS Community Level. It will be measured by how active you are in the community and what you are doing to improve the community.
SRT Points:

How many points did you get on your last SR Traning day.
SEAL Points:

What is your current amount of points from your UCOS SEAL Training
BL Area:

What UCOS Battle League Division are you in right now.
BL Rank:

What is your Rank in UCOS Battle League.
BL Cards:

How many cards have you won in UCOS Battle League.

How many UCOS Tour or UCOS Events have you been on.

How to handle the way we want you to play and do you have the right UCOS fighting spirit.
Player Details:

Detailed descriptions of various statistics.