UCOS SEALS have the best tactical players in UCOS Community. They understand what we want them to do and they have been training hard in tactical solutions. If you meet a member of our SEALS group, you will always be able to count on that he or she has passed the SRT and now train tactical missions on a weekly basis.
The operating procedures of this group is so much different than in Recon or Reserve. Players in this group will have a few days a week where they play tactical training missions and close combat survival.

SEAL Team One
All in UCOS fighting on equal terms. This means that everyone must have passed SR Training to get the chance, to fight for a place on SEAL Team One.

Are you a supervisor for UCOS SEALS, you must be prepared that you can’t always be fully participate on equal terms with the other players. Your job is to get SR Training to proceed fairly and by the book. You help SEAL Team One to follow the training program and building various exercises. You will also be responsible for creating scenarios for Hunters Island and in cooperation with UCOS Brotherhood Clan Alliance, to give them the hardest working conditions ever.