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Q: How do I get into the UCOS SEALS group?
A: The only way in is to score the most points at SR Training day. It’s held every month, so keep an eye out for it in the UCOS Calendar.

Q: I’m from UCOS Reserve and I’m a little young. Can I get into UCOS SEALS?
A: The age limit to join the SR Training Day is 15+. This means that if you are under the age limit, you can’t participate and, of course, not get into UCOS SEALS. There are special rules for players who are 15 years of age. When they come in UCOS SEALS they will be put in the position called Bravo Unit, the SEALS word for reserve.

Q: When does UCOS SEALS normally play together?
A: You can see the times of their training under SEAL Training.