SEAL Training


SEAL Training schedule:

Tuesday and Friday – The training starts on December 18th. 21:30 – 23:00


Master Chief Hunt
This is a very simple game mode. UCOS SEALS Master Chief or a team leader from one of the SEAL teams, will be the target. Get the highest score in the match. (TD)

Secure grid 309
This exercise is more SWAT based. A group of enemies has taken over a building. Your task is to secure that building while killing everyone in it.

Fire for effect
Go from one end of the field to the other. The only problem you have is a lot of enemies with rocket equipment. This mission is all about not being seen and if you do, how to survive.


Hunters Island
Welcome to SEALS paradise, the ultimate survival mode. You can, among other things also play different scenarios dealing with tactics and go into rush mode against enemy positions. Silent weapons, heat sensors and many other attachment that makes life a little easier. Here it is all against all. Who is the most silent, who is a master of HUD war, who are expert in close combat, we’ll find out in this game mode.