UCOS Battle League will begin in January 2013


Welcome to UCOS Battle League


What is this?:

UCOS Battle League is a new groundbreaking way to play Modern Warfare 3. Play and bet
on your skills in a match, or what about betting on one of your teammates preformance.
You can go two ways. The first way is in the top of the table where there are great prizes
to be had. The other way is to access UCOS Hall of Fame, where you have a chance to
win a 12 month Xbox Live Gold Membership.

Time Line:

UCOS Battle League wil start in January  and will end in mid-March 2013.

Card Points:

Rare Cards: 50 points
High Cards: 30 points
Medium Cards: 20 points
Low Cards: 10 Points

You’re going to lose the points you bet, if you lose a Card Challenge.

Card Challenge:

Still updating…




1st  place: 4200 Microsoft Point
2nd place: 2100 Microsoft Point
3rd place: 800 Microsoft Piont

Point System:

Win the match: 3 points
Lose the match: 0 Point

The point distribution will be made to work as in soccer.

Score table:

Still updating…


Visit UCOS Battle League Rules: Press Here


Visit UCOS battle League FAQ: Press Here

 UCOS Game Modes:

Visit UCOS Game Modes: Press Here



Hall Of Fame:

Get 31 – 32 cards and get in the top of  UCOS High Rollers. Earn your place in the Hall Of Fame and get a
chance to win a Xbox Live 12 Month Gold Membership. If there are more than 2 players in the top, there will be a Bet-off final round.