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UCOS Tournament Rules:

  • Matches are only valid under the supervision of specially designated tournament crew.
  • The competing players will be placed in a privat XboxLive Party under the match. The referee will be in the XboxLive party and a special player (The Blocker) if needed will also be in there.
  • No off topic talk are allowed during the match.
  • Only invites from the tournament crew is valid. See who todays Tournament crew is, at the top of this page.
  • Spectators are allowed under the matches, but must be in a different XboxLive Party.
  • A battle for starting positions will be played. If you miss the Starting Line Up Battle, we will place you randomly.
  • If more than 16 players sign up for the tournament, the remaining players will be scattered around the table from Fight 1 and thereafter. Round 1 will decide who goes to the next round.
  • If your net connection goes down you will forfeit the match immediately. If any of the Tournament Crew’s net connection goes down under a match, the fight stops. Your score will be saved and the crew with the bad connection will be replaced by a new one.





Q: When will UCOS Tournament take place?
A: Dates when the matches are played can be found here – See activities.

Q: How do I join UCOS Tournament?
A: February 2012 will be for danish clan-leaders and UCOS members. August 2012 UCOS Tournament is underway again and the tournament expands to 32 players. Ask your Clan-leader to sign you up. Sign-ups may be received in the month of July.

Q: What is Blocker Edition?
A: To give everyone a fair chance, we run after UCOS Game Modes. The one exception and that’s the final, will run in a standard game mode. See UCOS Game Mode.

Q: Where can I see my score?
A: You can see your score on this page.

Q: Do I get a prize for winning the tournament.
A: Yes. The first prize is 800 Microsoft points in this February version of UCOS Tournament.

Tournament Crew:

UCOS I Eagle and UCOS I Masto 79

Tournament participants are divided into groups:

  • UCOS Members – Members of UCOS Community are automatically invited to UCOS Tournament
  • VIP’s – The VIP people are special players from other clans who have received an exclusive invitation.


List of players ready for UCOS Tournament:

 Still updating…


Visit UCOS Battle League: Press Here