• Q: How do I get to Odense Station?
  • A: You can find your journey through Rejseplanen.dk here
  • Q: What if I know I’m late because of unforeseen events during the trip to Odense?
  • A: You immediately contacts the organizer of UCOS Tour for this delay. You must use the phone number you are given the week before UCOS Tour.
  • Q: I heard there would be a celebration after UCOS Tour!?
  • A: It is true enough. We celebrate our 5 th anniversary on Xbox Live with a party for our participants. It will be a great day for UCOS.
  • Q: When do we start to play Laser Tag that day?
  • A: There will be created a program for the day in the week leading up to UCOS Tour. You will find it under “Travel”. See it here!
  • Q: How do I pay for UCOS Tour?
  • A: You pay outside Crazy-Zone. We will keep a small meeting before we enter. Payment for the party happens afterwards.